How An SOS Watch For Kids Saved My Daughter From a Child Abductor...
A Mom's worst nightmare come true...
Linda Morgan, Single Mom

Did you know that more than 2,000 children go missing EVERY DAY in the U.S.? It's a terrifying statistic. Well what if you could find them?

My own 9 year old daughter, Rachel, almost became one of those statistics last month...and would have if I didn't buy an SOS Kids Watch for her. The SOS Kids Watch is a stylish smart watch for kids. It's the only one with two way calling, and I think every parent needs to know about it.

About the watch:

The SOS Kids Watch allows you to track your kids location in real-time, geo-fence their location, call them through the watch, silently listen in on their surroundings, receive a text message if their watch comes off, and most importantly there's an SOS button so they can speed dial you in an emergency. Here's what it looks like:

My Story:

I live in Southern California, and for a long time my Daughter has wanted me to take her to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Santa Clarita. I finally agreed to take her. It would be a fun Mother Daughter day I thought.

It was unusually crowded that day, which made me a little nervous, but I was having fun and so was she. It was about 3:15 PM and we needed a bathroom break. I told her if she finished before me to wait for me right outside. When I walked outside I didn't see her and assumed she was still in the bathroom.

One minute passed so I went in to check on her. "Rachel," I called. Nothing. I called for her a couple more times and started looking under the stalls. She wasn't there. I ran outside the bathroom and started calling for her again, "Rachel, Rachel!" She was gone.

As my adrenaline started pumping I pulled out my phone and opened the SOS app. I quickly zoomed in on the map and saw that she was moving towards the parking lot! Monitoring her location in real-time, I started sprinting as fast as I could, weaving in and out of people. As I closed in on her location nearing the deserted parking lot, I saw her holding hands with a middle-aged man.

My adrenaline spiked and I started screaming for help, yelling at the top of my lungs. The man saw me, let go of Rachel, and started running for the parking lot. I grabbed my daughter crying, made sure she was ok, and then called the police.

I asked her why the hell she would walk away with another man and her answer was "he said you were waiting for me in the parking lot, Mommy." It gave me chills.

Without the SOS watch I bought her I may never have seen my daughter again. I can't recommend this product enough and it's a must have for all parents out there.

You should know

Due to extremely high online demand, I don't know how long the SOS Kids Watch will be in stock. But you can check availability here.

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